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Our customers are always telling us how successful Lite n’ Easy has been in their lives. So if it’s motivation and inspiration you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! 

Share your weight loss or healthy convenience story for a chance to WIN $500.

Whether your goal was to lose weight or simply enjoy more free time and a healthier lifestyle, we want to hear your Lite n’ Easy story. So for your chance to win one of two $500 prizes, simply tell us about your success and how Lite n’ Easy has improved your health and changed your life.

Entries close 22/07/19. The 2 winners chosen by our judges will be contacted 26/07/19.

My "mummy tummy" has gone and I still order Lite n' Easy to help me maintain a healthy weight

I’m still on my way to my end goal but my life has already changed completely.

The convenience of not having to count calories was really great

Now I can move - I can walk, run, go for a hike, a romantic balloon ride with my wife or whatever I desire. My life has become so much easier.

As busy parents juggling work commitments, we have found Lite n’ Easy to be extremely flexible and well designed.

When people ask me what’s my secret, I tell them it’s no secret – just Lite n’ Easy!

I credit Lite n’ Easy 100% with my success as I did nothing but follow the meal plan.

I chose Lite n’ Easy because it was food I could stick to, even through winter.

I was surprised at how yummy, easy and filling the meals were and how quickly my sugar cravings disappeared.

Lite n’ Easy made it easy to change my lifestyle and I am so much happier now!

It’s not about being on a diet now, it’s a healthy lifestyle choice we want to stay with and both enjoy.

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